· April 2018,  fiber-shaped  lithium-ion  battery was awarded a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva.

· June 2015, Xingfa Ma (the Deputy director of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality) visited our lab.

· May 2015, Zheng Han ( the Communist Party of China Shanghai Municipal Committee Secretary ) visited our lab.

· July 2014, in the summer vocation, our group paid a visit to Sichuan, touring the Great Budda in Leshan, climbing the E'mei Mountain, and inspecting the Irrigation Project in Dujiangyan.

· September 2012, the group went barbecue in Gongqing forest park.
· May 2012, Sanqing Huang and Tao Chen made Ph.D. defenses and Fangjing Cai made M.S. defense successfully.
· August 2011, the group went fishing outside.

· July 2010, the group skied in Yin Qi Xing.
· May 2010, the group made a travel to Yellow Mountain.

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