1. Functional Polymer

Develop in-situ polymerization methods at the surface/interface to synthesize novel polymer systems with tunable structures; build hierarchical assembly strategies as new routes to tune their aligned microstructures that are used to reveal the interaction mechanism and rule between polymer and a second phase; produce a new family of functional polymer materials with remarkable mechanical, electronic, magnetic and optical properties.

2. Energy Polymer Chemistry

Through the design of novel functional polymers as key components, we are creating a spectrum of fiber energy harvesting and storing devices, mainly including fiber polymer solar cells, fiber polymer lithium-ion batteries and fiber integrated energy harvesting and storing devices. The emphasis is made to understand how the component and structure of polymer affect the property of fiber energy device and reveal the mechanism and rule for rapid charge separation and transport in curved fibers. High-performance energy systems may be thus produced at large scale.

3. Polymer Fiber Electronics

With the use of novel functional polymers as electrodes and active materials, we are exploring a variety of highly flexible fiber electronics, including fiber artificial muscles, fiber chromatic devices, fiber light-emitting devices, fiber sensors and fiber memristors; design general integration methods to achieve multi-functional fiber systems; develop continuous fabrication methods for fiber electronics to realize the application at information technology, wearable technology and biomedical field.

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